The company carries out a full cycle of production of furniture for bathrooms, beginning from working out the design of models and finishing with their assembling on professional production capacities of specialized furniture factory.

Front details are made of natural wood veneer and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Uniquely designed curved front elements are created as multilayered glued panels on presses which form curved surfaces in specially designed matrixes applying force of dozens of tons.

Finishing of carcasses and front parts is carried out with the help of a complicated multistage technology with the use of polyurethane waterproof paintwork materials by Italian producers. Five-layer painting ensures an optimum waterproofness and sealing of MDF details. Final painting of fronts is manual with manual polishing and finishing of front group to ideal luster.

Handles and other front accessories have a covering resistant to mechanical damages. In some collections handles with natural gilding decorated with SWAROVSKI stones are used.

Depending on the design, pedestals are completed with marble, glass or stone tops. An interiordesigner is given a unique opportunity to reflect his/her ideas in material, color and form.

All products of Sonibonini Italy brand are subject to a multistage quality control. It starts with raw materials, goes on to operational control and ends at the assembly and packing stage.